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Slow bird migration at Besh, but a European Serin and a Red-rumped Swallow!

Photos © Elvin Məmmədsoy, Zülfü Fərəcli, Leyla Muslim, Pia Fetting

In the last week the counters at Besh Barmag bottleneck were surprised by some warm and sunny days. Unfortunately, this resulted in pretty slow migration with only a few birds on passage. But at least some delightful highlights were presented to the team like a European Serin on 24 November, which is just the third observation for Azerbaijan and the first one that is documented, and a Red-rumped Swallow on 25 November, which is only the sixth record for mainland Azerbaijan. Not bad!

Cold winter weather north of the Caspian Sea in the days ahead should increase the chances for some fantastic bird migration soon. So, keep following our count on Trektellen and expect a more detailed November report soon!

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