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Mid-September report of the Besh Barmag Bird Migration Count

Photos © Patrick Weber, Elshan Baba & Elvin Məmmədsoy

Report of the second 10 days of the season at Besh!

The last ten days saw more than 10.000 Garganey, 1000 Black-winged Pratincoles and days peaking at more than 90 species. The growing team is really motivated and already managed to pick up a new species for the site on Sep 11th when 4 Red-billed Choughs moved south. Slowly but steady the signs of summer are fading with Rollers and terns becoming less and signs of winter are arriving in the form of the first Great Black-headed Gull and increasing numbers of Rook. Although we haven’t seen the longed for south easterly winds on a proper morning the terns kept on passing through and numbered more than 13.000 since our last update. Almost every day saw some really nice species from the perspective of central European birders and Ortolan Buntings, Blue-cheeked Bee-eaters, Levant’s Sparrowhawks, Dalmatian Pelican or the vultures around the station are always good for your serotonin. In slower times the team is far from lazy and recently started to build some custom birding furniture on site.

Stay tuned for the next update, there will be more birds!

Also check the numbers which are updated each day:

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