BBBMC, Besh Barmag, bird migration, count2022

Report of the first 10 days of the season at Besh!

Text © Gabi Caucal

Photos © Abdin Abbasov, Elvin Məmmədsoy (Camping Azerbaijan)

The first days of the count were really enjoyable for the diversity with more than 70 species by session. We can mention these first day with more than 3000 Garganeys or several days with thousands of Terns! Recently, some other water birds were also on the place such as these day comprising almost 800 Glossy Ibis (new Trektellen day record!) or these flocks exceeding 200 Grey and Purple Herons! Today, in the nice team atmosphere, more than 5000 Yellow Wagtails were been counted allowing to exceed the previous highest total number in a day for our station! At last, Besh it´s also a pretty beautiful mix of birds such as this Terek Sandpiper migrating with 2 Redshanks or still these Black Winged Pratincole moving with tens of Common Terns! Well, nice beginning and many new beautiful things will come!

Find the daily count results on Trektellen:

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