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UPDATE: Call for Counters: Besh Barmag Bird Migration Count 2022

Since we have unfortunately experienced far less reservations and bookings of counters for the autumn count at Besh Barmag than previously expected, we had to reorganise and recalculate our plans to keep the count running and the daily fees at a moderate rate. This is a very tough decision for us, but we want to avoid cancellation and rather do a more limited operation. Currently there are 3 – 6 counters signed up per day. We hoped for 8 – 12 counters throughout the season, which was no problem in autumn 2018 − on which our plans base. In general, we are in need of counters to reduce the costs of shared positions in order to keep the daily fees at a moderate level. Some of the most expensive services were previously thought to be shared by the many counters and are now skipped for this autumn. These omitted services include the daily transportation to the counting spot by bus and the cooking service.

Due to the skipped transportation, the alternative counting spot will be close the accommodation just outside the village Zarat. This spot is just a ten-minute walk away. We tested this place in autumn 2017 and since you are still in the bottleneck area you will of course get a good number of migrating birds. Since passerine migration is a bit slower from there, sea watching and all larger bird migration are comparably well visible from Zarat, even from the apartment’s roof tops.

The cook was always a highlight for counters, but as each of the apartments has an own kitchen and supermarkets and restaurants are nearby, we think that self-catering is a good way to keep the expenses a bit under control.

This means that your daily fee will be 25€ per day and you might expect about 10€ per day for groceries and self-catering.

The 25€ fee basically includes the pricing for the apartments and the hosting by Elvin and Gabi. As self-catering is a bit time consuming and also in response to our downscaled service this autumn, we reduced the daily counting time from sunrise to six hours after sunrise, which gives you a lot of spare time in the afternoon/evening to explore the surrounding area, go birding, organise yourself or just continue migration counts on good days.

We would be very grateful to hear that you might still be fine with these conditions, and you still want to come. This project is still a pioneer project and tough to organise, but we will do our very best to keep the count alive and to give you a unique and unforgettable birding experience. In case you are still interested hit us up with your questions or concerns.

So far we received enough positive feedback from the counters who already made their reservations and also some more requests to run the count this autumn!

Interested? Of course you are!

Please fill in the application form below or contact us directly at to join an awesome birding experience this autumn.

Please find more information about the count in the previous blog post:

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