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Podcast about Birdwatching in Azerbaijan

Check out the ‘Birdwatching in Azerbaijan’ episode of the Azerbaijan Tourism Board podcast series! This episode will give you a brief overview of birdwatching tourism in Azerbaijan.

Birdwatching in Azerbaijan: what to see & where to go Experience Azerbaijan

In this podcast with German field biologist and regular visitor to Azerbaijan, Michael Heiss, we explore what makes Azerbaijan a unique destination for birders. Listen in for a taster of the key birdwatching areas and target species.

Much more interesting episodes are listed below:

Secrets of the Silk Road: The Future of Winemaking in Azerbaijan Experience Azerbaijan

The podcast is dedicated to the wine industry in Azerbaijan and features Simon Field, a journalist, wine connoisseur and a Master of Wine, as a speaker. Simon shares his insights into the art of wine-making in Azerbaijan, what he loved about Azerbaijani wines and how he sees the future of Azerbaijan as a wine-exporting country.
  1. Secrets of the Silk Road: The Future of Winemaking in Azerbaijan
  2. A Focus on Contemporary Architecture as a Symbol for Optimism in the Caucasus Region
  3. The art of bird tourism in Azerbaijan
  4. Extending the Transcaucasian Trail (TCT) to Azerbaijan
  5. Secrets of Sheki: UNESCO heritage, crafts, cuisine and beautiful places
  6. Liberation and Transformation: Expressions of Contemporary Art in Azerbaijan
  7. A culinary journey to Azerbaijan
  8. Azerbaijan through the eyes of a travel writer

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