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Besh Barmag Bird Migration Count 2020 cancelled!

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic we sadly have to announce the cancellation of the bird migration count at Besh Barmag in autumn 2020.

Even if all shutdowns and travel restrictions will be rescinded and the infection risk lowered by the purposed start of the count in August, there are many other impacts which make it all that difficult to further work on and conduct the project this year. Birding tours in spring, which crucially finance the count, had to be cancelled or tours offered for autumn/winter are unpredictable at the moment. For many people around the world the situation is too uncertain to register for the count.  Hence, we do not have a reliable basis for a successful count this autumn.

But we also have a positive announcement! If the pandemic situation improves and travels to Azerbaijan are possible,  we would be glad to help and support either birdwatching tourists or people who would like to do bird migration counts on their own with local arrangements (accommodation, transportation, bird guides) as we did in previous years.

We will keep you updated about our activities and hope the best for autumn 2021.

Until then – stay safe everyone!

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