Besh Barmag, bird migration, photography, science

Skuas and Raptors

Text & Photos © M. Heiß

The numbers of migrating birds decrease day by day and the end of the spring count is near. Seawatching produced a good day of migrating Arctic Skuas together with Common Terns. Two exhausted Arctic Skuas rested along the beach. One of them was already dying, so I checked the beach the next day for more birds, when I found eight (!) dead along the shore. 

Arctic Skua on the beach
Still alive – An Arctic Skua chasing a Sandwich Tern
Raptor migration still continues along the foothills with 700 Steppe Buzzards and 35 Steppe Eagles on one day. Only a few Honey Buzzards occured so far.
Large flock of migrating Steppe Buzzards
Steppe Eagle
Nice surprise – Demoiselle Cranes on migration
Distant view of Besh Barmag
Poisonous Levant Viper
After two killed Levant Vipers I was glad to find this one alive
Sheltopusiks are widespread and common in the foothills
Green Warbler in the bushes
Several Rufous Bush Robins sing in the bushes
A Cuckoo with its prey

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