breeding birds, photography

breeding birds of the foothills

Text & Photos © K. Gauger

It will take some time until my next trip to Aze. Meanwhile some older pics here…

Eastern Black-eared Wheatear
juv Pied Wheatear, or a hybrid with Black-eared?
Rollers are common in agricultural land and the lower mountains
despite intensive hunting Chukars occur widespread in the semi desert mountains
Tawny Pipit
the only known breeding site of Lanner Falcon, a juv above
Black Vultures breed in the foothills like in Turianchay SPA
Corn Bunting, one of the most common birds here
Rosy Starling mainly breed in Gobustan, but can be seen all over the country
Woodchat Shrike
Lesser Kestrels still have a good population
Egyptian Vulture, a rather scarce breeder
juv Little Owl
beatutilul Stone Curlew
Spanish Sparrows have huge colonies in the lower mountains
Greater Sandplovers breed in Gobustan and Shirvan but are often hard to find

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