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Birding tour in spring 2018

For spring 2018, Batumi Birding offers a birdwatching trip to Azerbaijan. The travel route will cover all main landscape types from the Greater to the Lesser Caucasus, from coastal wetlands to dry steppes in order to cover the large diversity of bird species including all Caucasian specialities. These beautiful Blue-cheeked Bee-eaters were photographed in Shirvan… Continue reading Birding tour in spring 2018

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Black-headed Penduline Tits?

Text & Photo © Christoph Himmel During my wader counts at Lake Machmudchala I discovered two interesting Penduline Tits, which somehow look like Black-headed Penduline Tits (Remiz macronyx) or at least like hybrids. Both had blackish heads with a various amount of grey feathers in the nape. Unfortunately, the plumage was heavily worn. One bird… Continue reading Black-headed Penduline Tits?

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spring trip 2017 offered

In May 2017 Batumi Birding is offering a trip to Azerbaijan with the same programme like last year's Avifauna journey. High paced, focus on target species and visiting all major hotspots. Kai Gauger and Brecht Verhelst will be the guides. If you are interested in joining us please have a look at: The profit… Continue reading spring trip 2017 offered